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SINCE 1955

GOODFIRE STOVES CORPORATION has been in the business of manufacturing kerosene stoves and burners that are safe, high quality, economical, and proudly made in the Philippines.

Starting mainly as an assembler, using all imported parts with production at three units a week, the factory can now produce up to 15,000 units a month with nearly all the parts made in-house.



The stove's suspended design was developed by inventor ENRIQUE LAGUINIAwho took inspiration from the hanging dextrose bottles used in hospitals. He served as a hospital aide during World War II.

Thinking something could be done to make women’s cooking chores easier, Mr. Laguinia used the idea of the dextrose bottles to invent the gravity type kerosene stove (GF-2).

Now, all you have to do with the GF-2 is fill the tank with kerosene, hang the fuel tank, and you are ready to cook.

In the 70s, with the ever increasing price of imported valves and burners, he again invented a burner. This he named the F-2 burner. The Filipino consumer now has an economical (not to mention better) alternative to the imported burners.

With over 50 years in the business, GOODFIRE STOVES CORPORATION continues to provide quality products in hopes that these will better the lives of the Filipino people.

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